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The clinic’s dental hygienist provides dental cleanings, screenings fluoride, digital diagnostic x-rays, and sealants every six to seven months for the schools of South Royalton, Strafford, Chelsea, Sharon, Bethel, Tunbridge, Orange, Washington, Stockbridge, Rochester, and Williamstown, Vermont. The school clinic has a dental trailer that travels from school to school. After a cleaning, if a child needs restorative work, the dental hygienist refers the child back to their own dentist, or helps the parents find a dental home.

NEW! We are now offering these dental services for adults!

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Our dental hygienist, Janine Reeves, RDH, is able to bill most dental insurance companies, including Dr. Dynosaur. If you don’t have dental insurance for your child, the fees for services are as follows:

  Ages 2-12 Ages 13-Adult
Cleaning $65 $98
Fluoride $20 $20
Bite Wing X-rays $45
(2 films)
(4 films)
Sealants $40 per molar


Resources for adults without dental insurance:

The Health Center, Plainfield, VT –  (802) 454-1047
Red Logan Dental Clinic, White River Jct., VT – (802) 295-7573

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